Thanks for all your welcome messages!!

Thanks again guys! I have been overwhelmed by the number of guys who have welcomed me to the group in the spirit of sharing i'm adding a pic of 2 beanies that i recently completed they are fairly basic by the standard i have seen on this site. The original pattern was the london beanie found on the internet however i found that it puckered on the crown so i added a knit row between every decrease row and that solved the problem. Thanks to you guys i'm being inspired to add a fair isle trim to my next beanie project. great to be here and nice to meet you all.
kind regards Arron


They look good. And there is nothing wrong with standard or basic, they all keep warm just the same. Have fun with fair isle, it's addictive!



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Welcome to the group Arron! The beanies look great, it's one of my favorite patterns. The London Beanie is one of those really cool looking patterns that the reaction of anyone who sees it is, "I want one!" It's also a great, easy to make gift item.

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Look great! Re: "basic" - knitting is all "one stitch at a time" --so it's *all* basic.

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