alternate bind-off in place of larger needles

hi everyone!

i saw a post here about doing something instead of casting off on a needle size larger, something slip k2tog maybe.... i can't find the post, probably blind, but anyone know?

thanks! :)


Check this article out


Hi I'm new on here, my name is Geoff

I love knitting. Knitting is my life, growing up in Sussex, in view of the great Sussex Downs there would be nothing I wouldn't like doing more than settling down to knit. I knitted jumpers, some too big, some too small and some just right. I knitted hats and gloves, I don't think there's a form of knitting I don't like.

I don't like Richard Cousins that's for certain. He used to bully me quite a lot at school, he bullied me due to my love of knitting. Is there anyone else out there who suffered from bullying at shcoll due to THIER love of knitting? Was anyone bullied by Richard Cousins???


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the following has pretty much become my "standard" bindoff.

k1 * knit backwards 1 (onto left needle), k2tog; repeat from *

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