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At long last a picture of the simple scarf made for my sister...

I still have to sew in the zipper of the cycling aran and photograph that.

I'm one sleeve into a traditional aran, but have promised tea cozies to the boss' wife.

To make matters worse (or more exciting), or my knitting less focused, a dear friend has asked me to design some simple men's sweater patterns.

Any thoughts?


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Hi there.  There are never enough men's sweater patterns that are enjoyable, stimulating and challenging (when the mood for that is there).  I am always working on that - working part time at a yarn shoppe in Philadelphia, that is a lament I hear often.  Am working on one now - in the round, simple knitting (cause the yarn is so beautiful that stitch definition would undermine the color (called SeaBreeze).  Will be a raglan neck.  The challenge for me is the technique of doing it in the round all in one piece.  Using Ann Budd's book of sweater patterns, and supplimented my knowledge by reviewing Ezimmermann's Knitting Without Tears. 

Would love to talk about this some more in the near future.