Brown Teddy Bear

I made this teddy for my partner's niece - she's just turned three. It stands up nine inches tall, it's seven inches tall seated. Pattern is "Oliver" from Sandra Polley's "The Knitted Teddy Bear." I worked it with one strand of Lion Brand Suede and one brand of Lion Brand Tiffany (eyelash) held together, with the suede alone for the soles of the feet. Eyes and nose are stitched on with black wool. Arms and legs are thread-jointed, so it's poseable, although it's so pot-bellied it doesn't stand well without something to lean on.

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Dude, I have been trying knit Bertie and Bruce from that same book forever and instead of a teddybear I end up with what looks like a potato! I was convinced some of her patterns were written wrong or something. I guess it was my arrogance and ineptness. Oh well. You did a great job on Oliver so now I'm inspired to try at least that bear. He's the one done inside out, correct? With the purl side showing? You did awesome, man.

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Yes, with the purl side showing. It's one of those things where I just have to trust the pattern - some of the pieces are very ugly before it all goes together. The body looks like it belongs to a turtle or something with a horrible hunch - but, it's cute once it's built.

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I understand completely. After Thanksgiving, I'm so pot-bellied I can neither sit nor stand without something to lean on.

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what a perfect expression on his face! This almost tempts me to work with eyelash again - something I swore I never would attempt.

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Michael wrote:
>Arms and legs are thread-jointed, so it's poseable, although it's so >pot-bellied it doesn't stand well without something to lean on.

I had a date like that once . . .

Great job on the Bear, Dude! I've never made one but I think I may have to. You've inspired me. Thanks. BTW: Using the suede and eyelash was an inspired idea. Perfect!

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What a cutie!

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That's the cutest teddy bear ever. I need one. LOL I'm planning on making a plush squirrel I have a pattern for. Wish me luck. Great job, again, on the bear!

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