Kitting Partners...anyone?

I am looking for individuals who would like to be "knittng partners". This idea comes from a blog I read , a person who met others online, to send patterns, yarn samples, there favorite knit-knacks to. Penpalls of a sort with passion for knitting. I would love to start this with all sorts of members all over the world, so lets see were this goes. Any takers?


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this sounds pretty fun! sounds like a great way to share ideas and yarns that people like. im just interested, do you have any photos of things or projects that you've worked on? oh yeah, i like your lil mohawk:) i felt some strange idrony when i got mine...good surprise. oh well, welcome and sign me up!

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I'll give it a go. Will there be a separate website or blog for this? I'm keen to know more about how this will take shape. Count me in for your international membership!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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This sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to have a knitting pal! - sign me up - it's very fun to send packages of goodies in the mail (and to receive them too!)While I'm not as advanced as some of the talents on here, I have lots of ideas :)



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I have decided to work you wavy scarf pattern, it looked beautiful in the picture you posted, patterns are piling up in my craft room fast, after I work the scarf for a bit I will post pictures, I am thinking thunder and burts by Cashsoft, earth tones, beautiful, check them out, my fav yarn and colors right now.

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Hey James,

This sounds fun...once I am through with all of my holiday knitting I would love to get a penpal/knitting pal and share yarns...Nik Nacks...stories with.

Sign me up and count me in. Let me know when you guys are going to start.

Hope you all are having a good week...and working off all of those turkey pounds that we all put on over the weekend!

- Dan -

This sounds like fun. Jeez... why do all the new kids have the good ideas? :-)

Toss my balls (of yarn that is) into the pot.

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What a good idea - count me in!

Good thinking Batman!

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Welcome to this web site. The guys have some insight to the art of knitting, I have found some great answers to some of my questions.
Also I would like to be a part of the idea of a knitting penpal. But first need to get all the Christmas projects done. Everyone is getting felted clogs, but they will have to felt the clogs themselves after Christmas.
Have a great week, stay warm.
Steve (Klamathsteve)


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hehehe.. I think you got all the penpals you could want, and a few more, right here on this site! We are all at different levels of experience, in many different aspects of the art. Just ask us anything, or tell us about whatever you are working on. We love all the stories the guys tell us.

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I'm always looking for knitting pals. especially when it comes to swapping patterns and techniques. it's hard to find really good men's designs out there. look forward to penpalling!