Hi Everybody!

Hello all,

Just thought I'd quit lurking and say hello. I've recently taken up knitting (again!) but still haven't done anything more complicated than a baby blanket or two, and a few hats. I dream of the day I will have enough skill to do a sweater and enough stamina to do an afghan, but for now I'm working on my first sock. I'm glad to have found the group and look forward to learning what I can from the various interactions.



Sorry for all the pictures! I'm kind of illiterate when it comes to things computer realted. My 11 year old son owns the digital camera in our house and he's the one who took the picture. I tried to post it once, and you can see what happened!


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*grin* a phenomenon of posting to computer forums on any subject - oone tends eventually to learn not only the subject to which the forum is dedicated - but also some computer skills!


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if you know how to knit and purl and make a hat, you can make a sweater! I thought I couldn't do it about 6 weeks ago, and 3 sweaters later (with 3 more in the works, believe it or not) I know I can!

welcome to the site! if I can help you at all, let me know :)




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Welcome to our friendly little group. Don't worry about the posting glitches, we've all done them one, twice, or more ::grin::

Also remember whether it's a blankie, hat, sock or sweater... it's all just knits and purls. And we're here to help you, encourage you and sympathise with you when you want to bury it under a tree.

Welcome to the world of sock knitting too. It's a lot of fun and their is nothing better than wearing a pair of hand knit socks.


Hello Peter.
Welcome here.
Wow 7 kids! You have a lot of knitting to do to catch up.
I've got only two and that keeps me busy enough.

Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada
Blog: http://jigraknits.wordpress.com

Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada
Blog: http://jigraknits.wordpress.com