well, today has just been kay-rap!

not scottish at all (therefore ...).

Walked out of the house this morning without knitting bag -- realized that about 1/2 way to work.

finishing up an exhange item for another list that *must* go into the mail today - a crocheted item, and somehow managed to lose the crochet hook with 5 stitches left to go.

Lost a detailed post to my music forum TWICE while trying to post it.

and to top off everything - my neice has officially moved to Japan (they landed in Tokyo this morning).

Hope my mood changes soon because I have to celebrate christmas something like 12 more times before the day actually occurs - and right now I am feeling very Scrooge-ish.


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Give yourself a BIG hug - it sounds like you're having a hard day - the good news is that your Niece arrived safely in Japan - and you now have somewhere new to visit... you finally got the music posted to the forum (hopefully?) and the crochet hook couldn't have gone THAT far - maybe it has surfaced also? (if not, with 5 stitches to go, I would guess you either finished it carefully with a knitting needle, pencil or a bent up paper clip!

Tomorrow is a new day (as my momma always said!)



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Poor pookiebutt. Send me your address and I'll send you some home made Rugelah. That'll pick up your spirits.

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Thanks for the comments guys - I think I'm being hit with "empty nest" syndrome - which is unfair since t'weren't my nest in the first place. Also delayed reaction to being "up" for four performances last weekend -- Christmas in November can be hard.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation