Knitting With Balls - The Book

I just received my copy of Michael del Vecchio's book and I was very pleased with it. I know that other MWK members have posted about this book; I wanted to give an opinion, too.

The book is very straightforward and easy to use. There are the usual knitting instructions with helpful hints scattered through the book.

The strongest aspect of this book are the patterns which progress from very simple to more advanced. I think that Michael did a good job with the patterns. After all, it's not all that easy to find small projects that are both interesting, practical and male-oriented. Every other learn-to-knit book I've ever seen is full of feminine projects such as scrunchies, purses, not to forget those awful hats that ladies think their boyfriends will like (but won't ever wear). These books have got to be off-putting to a lot of men who are interested in learning to knit but can't get past the femine aspect of the craft. A lot of creativity and thought must have gone into coming up with the selection in this book.

DK published books are among my favourites for quality of both content and style. I have an assortment of their craft books which I like very much. I'm happy to see they found Michael's book to meet their standards.

I didn't have a need for this book. I have gone far beyond the scope of the knitting instructions and I don't have a need for the patterns. It's a book I'll thumb through from time to time as I do my other knitting books. But, I did buy it for a purpose: I am certain that there isn't one of us here on MWK who has not lamented the lack of male-oriented knitting materials. In a discussion earlier this year, we talked about this and one member correctly reminded us that knitting is a woman's arena and the knitting businesses gear their merchandise and sales to this market. Men comprise such a small portion of the knitting market that we are all but forgotten. Michael's book goes against all of this and I see it as a test by the publishers to see just what men knitters can contribute to their bottom line. Maybe if they recognise that we male knitters are coming into our own and that we do spend lots of money on our knitting they will be willing to publish more male-oriented books. So, whether or not I like (which I did) or needed (which I didn't) this book, I was convinced that I needed to put my money where my mouth is and support this endeavour. And, I encourage all other guy knitters to do the same. Who knows - maybe word will get out that there are lots of men who knit and other men who want to learn to knit and we will see a renaissance of bloke knitting!

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Glad to hear a veteran knitter thought the book had redeeming qualities! My birthday is coming up in December and my folks sent a gift card for, so I've ordered both Michael's book and "Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them." I don't plan to make anything for my dogs to wear, but I look forward to seeing what else the book has to offer.


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I have also pre-ordered the Men/Dog book. My pooches refuse to wear anything so I won't be knitting for them. However, once again, I want to support the men-knitting commercial market.

My knitting is totally tubular!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Jesse, I love that you are so passionate about men who knit, and i think that the points you made are very valid. I want you to write a book. you are a wonderful writer and very knowledgeable and i would defineately support you!!
regards Arron

Thanks for the review. I'm buying it today. I agree with your publishing business assessment. Please consider writing a book, what you write here is straightforward and concise. Get in touch with del Vecchio maybe he'll have some advice on how and where to start.