Some of the 35 hats

Here are some of the 35 hats I've knit during the last 3 months. Sorry the picture isn't real clear. Many of the hats are going to the homeless, some were given as gifts and I even knitted one for myself. Like many of you, very few of the items I knit are for myself.

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35 hats in three months - a hat every three days on the average...

I am in awe at the *thought* let alone seeing the proof!

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Give yourself a big pat on the back - doing things for others feels so awesome! I'm proud to see all that you have accomplished! Do you keep some sort of record or diary of your knitting? Doing this many hats, it might be kind of neat to shoot an individual photo of it, and list it's "fate" - (where it was donated/given, the date it was made, etc.) - having these records (for me) is very special and helps me see the progress I make!

Again, great work! I wish I had been knitting for others during the summer - now my hands are tired and freezing and time is ticking along! so much to do still before the holidays!



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Buddy, you got me beat. I am trying a hat a day until Dec 20th, some for family gifts (damn my sister and her 9 children). I have 4 down... but 35 hats. You go, guy! Did you use patterns or make them up as you went along. Looks like you have quite a variety there.

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Most of the hats were my design. I used a pattern for maybe 5 or 6 of them (including the Half Dome Hats I made.) Once I got my design/pattern down, I was off to the races ... My goal was to make warm hats, especially for the homeless hats. So I double stranded yarns, etc. I knit them using circular needles, then switched to double points when the decreases required it. But now, I think I need a bit of a rest from hats and am now knitting a scarf for my partner using Elegance yarn from Knit Picks. I'll post a picture of it when the scarf is done.

I have a very simple hat pattern if you are ever interested and want to try a pattern that may vary from what you already do. Trouble is, if you are experienced enough with knitting hats, you will already know this pattern (or a variant thereof).