A fluffy scarf

I made this fluffy scarf as a Christmas gift for a friend who lives in Manhattan. I have to admit this scarf barely has a natural fiber in it! This is the first time I've knitted with novelty yarn. Working in the ends was a bit of challenge because of the bumps in one of the strands. I double strand knitted the scarf on #17 US needles using one strand of bulky weight yarn and one strand of the hairy, bumpy yarn. As you can see, it was hard to get a good sharp picture of the scarf. I'm attaching another photo to try to show a close up detail.

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I think I recognise the particular yarn you used! I knitted a scarf just like it, and although the recipient of said scarf appreciated it, I cannot say that the sensation of knitting with that particular yarn was as enjoyable as knitting with more natural yarns...

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Both of the yarns (double stranded) were purchased at AC Moore. I can't remember the brand names of the yarns but I couldn't pass up the sale on the novelty yarn. You're right. It's more enjoyable knitting with natural fibers but the two yarns did yield a wonderfully soft yarn and the recipient absolutely loved the scarf. And the colors were perfect for her. So her joy made it all worth it. Afterall, isn't that why we knit for others?