You all know of "the sweater's curse" where you knit your sweetie a sweater, and he (or she) immediately breaks up with you. I'm just curious if that has ever happened to anyone on this site. It doesn't have to be a sweater, either...Just any knit item will do. In full disclosure, the last guy I dated seriously, a big handsome lug up in Vancouver, who I shall refer to as "Captain Canada" never even bothered to thank me for the Christmas scarf I knitted and sent to him last year.... (Some kind of stupid, he was).


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I've had the reverse happen - sex offerred if I made them an knit item.

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I don't know if it's totally true or not... but it kind of happened with the guy I was dating when I discovered knitting a number of years ago... I made him a blanket (all solid, one color, all knit; it's actually kind to refer to it as a blanket... if anything good can be said about it, it would be that it's warm)... anyway, I made the blanket on my breaks and lunches from my second job (I was working a lot during that holiday season) and I don't exactly remember the days and how it transpired, but I believe about a week after I gave him this blanket and we exchanged gifts, he broke it off with me -- (he was older than me, and had never actually dated ANYONE - and we had never said we were even dating... it was a strange situation) - anyway, at the end of the story, he has my first blanket, is a dear friend to this day, and I moved on and found Gregg my true love :)

so I guess it's true (I hope not totally though, because I'm planning some things in the not to far future for my partner!)



Well, if that's the case, Mario, I should be permanently otherwise 'engaged' in the sack!

GC, everyone I give stuff to (almost always women since those are the things that I make . . . mostly . . . . I don't give them Willy-Warmers . . .) kind of loom around me wondering what next I'm going to whip up for them. HA!

Sex offered, indeed . . . Well, that just chaps my well-defined Patootie.

Some guys have all the luck.

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I've got one for you!

I waited five months for yarn to knit up a sweater for Jim and he broke up with me two days after I got it! Hell, I had just barely cast-on!

I'm knitting the mother f&*%$# anyway.

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I once made a beautiful sweater for someone I wasn't dating but wanted to. When I gave it to him he told me he almost never wore sweaters. I don't think he ever even put it on.

just a thought...

do you suppose that it might work on someone you were actually wishing would go away? i fear murphy's law would kick in and it would only motivate them to profess their undying love and devotion to you!

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I spent most of a full month knitting (sometimes at work when I was security at a bar) a beautiful knit-in-the-round scarf made with hand-spun hand-dyed wool yarn that cost me over $300 and was really hard to find. I was real careful to choose colors I knew he'd like and would look good on him. It was warm and long. All this over a guy who lived in another state.

Right before I sent it he told me that he didn't want to talk to me anymore for a few reasons. I sent it anyway without him knowing that I made it in the first place and he called a few days later and said he loved it. We still talk sometimes but he lives much farther away now.

(Description of scarf: MC maroon, CC gold, striped {similar to a Harry Potter scarf}, 10' length, 8" width, double thick, several tassels on each end)

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Well, my ex dumped me before I ever got around to knitting him anything, but he was one of those "Why don't you just buy one at the store?" kind of people, anyway, so it's just as well. David made me promise early on in the relationship never to knit him a sweater, just in case. I've kept and intend to keep on keeping that promise, but he will be getting this for Christmas. Don't y'all go telling, though.

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For one former boyfriend I knit a very fine milk white scarf out of some of my handspun samoyed (it was simple and soft and gorgeous: double seed stitch in fingerling weight singles). The next year I was hanging up my coat in his hall closet (we were just friends at this point) and discovered the scarf, and that I had underspun the scarf, or it had been attacked by moths or had a number of holes and I was MORTIFIED. I stole it back, fully intending to repair/replace it, but I never did. He does, incidentally, have 3 other scarves and a sweater from me (he paid for the sweater...) hand spun, hand dyed Italian Merino and silk. The yarn alone was over $600. The sweater came to $1250 all said and done. Make em pay, that's what I say...LOL!

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In episode 6 of "Sticks & String" podcast David Reidy gives this explanation:

"Don’t knit him a jumper. I think this also explains, to some extent, those stories we’ve heard of people knitting jumpers for their new boyfriends and then losing the boyfriend. Could it be that the boyfriend has watched the jumper taking shape and then found it easier to leave than to wear the finished item? Some people will do anything to avoid a conflict."

I thought this was pretty cute and a very plausible explanation.

BTW: check out his podcasts for the entire essay. You'll like his programmes - they're great!

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