Need mens hat patterns....

hello! is much appreciated!!!

I'm an expert knitter who has been asked by a guy to do a commissioned hat for him.... in two colors.  There are not enough men's hat patterns out there!   I can design something if i have to, but i'd rather at least see some interesting possibilities first... all i can think of are either blah...(like taking a ski cap and doing it in stripes).... or a little silly... (like a pointed Andean hat with ear flaps, which works on some people but not on others, if you know what i mean).   Any suggestions, pleeeeeeeeeeeease????  :D

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Check out the basket weave hat pattern I posted!

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

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I've got some Dale of Norway patterns that are really cool but involve 5-6 colors.  Great Scandinavian pattern though.

Take a look at "Whimsical Hats" by Blue Sky Alpacas and maybe you'll find your inspiration there.

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I haven't begun the hat yet, but now that the weather is cooling, i will. I found a nice one that is "reversable" for two colors, and i think i'll fancy it up by doing a different pattern on each side. The guy's mother is now taking one of my knitting classes, so i'm getting to know her better and she is very nice, and she even offered me a job. Is the moral to this story that knitting opens doors? :D