Not Tonight Darling, I'm Knitting - Book

If you’re looking for a Winter Solstice gift for your favourite knitter (might just be yourself) then I recommend this book by Betsy Hosegood. Published in the UK in 2006, this 121 page under-sized (7" x 7") book is all about knitting fun.

Thankfully, there are no patterns or instructions on how to knit. Instead, it is loaded with knitting information and lots of great photos. The 6 chapters cover information such as the origins of knitting, all about fibers and yarns, knitting tools, knitters’ stories, reasons for knitting, care of your garments and then there’s a great section of hand-knitted garment pattern pictures according to era: 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Among different topics, the author discusses knitting as meditation (with a genuine understanding of what meditation actually is), gives advice on forming a knitting group, explains internet knitting code and lists famous knitting personalities (did you know that David Arquette knits?). Although the book is geared to the female knitter audience, Ms. Hosegood gives time to men knitters (including Michael del Vecchio of Menknit) and even discusses gay and straight male knitters! The style is straightforward, light and humourous.

Here’s the forward: "Ever since the Reverend William Less designed the knitting frame because he thought that his wife was spending too much time with her needles, it has been clear that knitting can become an overwhelming passion, ousting interest in all other activities and even people. Meals are left unprepared, clothes unwashed and other jobs unfinished in the overwhelming desire to knit just one more row."

Hmmm...This certainly doesn’t sound like anyone I know...

When I first saw the cover, my immediate thought was “Those girls need to teach that bloke to knit!” I guess they gave up on him and found a young cutie to teach instead (see second photo)!

I love books about knitting that are just informative and fun. This wee book fills the bill quite nicely. I enjoyed the initial read and I’ve picked it up and reread sections just because it was enjoyable to do so. It was my holiday gift to myself and I can readily recommend it to other knitters.

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Aaronknits's picture

Often the part of a knitting book that makes it enjoyable is not the patterns but the history, stories, and other things you can learn. I picked up a book about Scandinavian knitting for that very reason. It was a fascinating read.

As for the "not tonight..." thing, I'd gladly put my knitting down for either of those boys!

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I JUST bought that book last night! it was cracking me up (the few pages I got to read) - I got that one and some other book about knitting that had some neat circle and square patterns (and finished pieces) in intarsia - I got it more for inspiration than anything - yeah - the not tonight book is cute - but I agree with AMBush - I put the knitting down when Gregg gets that look in his eye! (although I might make him wait till the end of the row) haha :)