Samoyed into Afghan

I think I mentioned it before, but I had a commission to spin a bus load of samoyed fur into yarn and knit it into an afghan. I've done a multiplied yarn that is a heavy worsted, and am knitting it on 15s to get the right open-ness and drape. It will be very warm, and IT WILL BE DONE BY WEDNESDAY if it kills me. (Actually, I had it almost completed in October, but as I was blocking it, I noticed that one of the samoyed yarns I made, (like 1/4 of the afghan) had been too softly spun (going for soft and fuzzy) and wasn't going to hold up to any wear at all. I had to frog huge sections, and respin the yarn, reset the spin, and reknit it, which I am almost done doing. Then, of course, it has to be rewashed and blocked. The client is pissed, but as my old adopted Jewish grandmother used to say, "May that be the worst thing that happens to you in your WHOLE life!"

Best wishes to the all from the midnightknitter.


PS: Pictures to follow.


What a horrible story. Gad, that needs to go into the Annals of Fibre Hell. I'm usually able to identify 'low integrity' yarn as I'm winding it off either the spindle or the bobbin onto the niddy or the swift. I go so fast winding off that a lot of abuse is heaped on the singles, so if any thread is weak it'll break there and not on the loom or needles.

I have to be particularly careful because I don't regularly ply: I'm a singles kind of guy. (Gosh, doesn't *that* sound like a country/western song hook?)

Well, anyway . . . I'm glad you went to the frog pond and fixed it. May you remain pondless for the next several projects! =^D

~Mike in Tampa (where we plunged into the VERY low 50's last night. Brrrrrrrrr . . .)

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I am also a singles kind of guy: I think that's what was my problem. I spun a Z ply as a single and plied it back against a commercial yarn on an S twist, and I hadn't overspun it enough. Right now, I have two FULL bobbins packed with overspun singles, and no idea what I am going to ply it with. The afghan has to be done tomorrow. Oh joy. I'll probably use these extra bobbins in the trim.

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How I wish I had saved the combings from my Samoyed -- My b-i-l has a vest knit from the coat of his first dog (husky/border collie cross). All I have to remmeber my pup is the hole she chewed through the wall when I was late getting home once...

Her undercoat made lovely yarn - we spun a bunch and dyed it with natural dyes for a science project of my niece's.

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