Knitting in Public...What fun

I just got back from a meeting in Houston. I was in the room with about 30 people from across the country and our focus was on the outcome measurements of homeless programs. I pulled out the sock I was working and started knitting. It is always fun to see and hear the responses. It certainly helps me, an introvert, to come to engage in some conversations of some sort. It's also interesting to watch who is curious and who won't have anything to do with me. How fascinating.

I love it.



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I especially like it when you start getting comments such as:

"Oh, I knew I should have brought mine!" or when someone nudges someone else and says"I told you it would be okay to bring your knitting"

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I always knit in public. Especially if I am still in my outdoorsy work duds. (Provided they're not too dirty). I like the idea of a big burly guy knitting socks or a hat or something lumberjackish. (Although I like the idea of knitting spiderweb lace while decked out in flannel as well....)

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Hahaha... I always enjoy the reactions I get when knitting in public, or when spinning (with a spindle). Most times, no one has ever seen such a thing, and most pretend they don't see. It's hilarious!

Did you read the reaction Franklin got on his recent bus trip? Too funny!!