Oh No ... Help??

Hello Everyone!!!

So, .... I am knitting a mock cabled scarf (LOVE IT By the way) and I'm knitting it out of patagonia nature cotton (color #210). This is where my trauma comes in ... I fell in love with the color-way at the LYS and I bought it. Well ...... It was on sale and there were only two left. I know ... I know ... I should never buy yarn on sale since I will NEVER have enough. *lol*

Now, I am on the verge of running out; I need about 10 more yards or so I think. Does anyone know how or where I can get an additional ball? I have been able to find it random places online , but I would like someplace that is known and can be trusted.

Traumatized in Maine



Caught short, are we Doug???

Go to The Yarn Store:


It's $10.95 a skein (105 yds.)

OR: The Yarn Barn

They want $10.00

OR: Halcyon Yarn
They want $10.25.

All three are very reputable, old companies. Give 'em a call and you should have it by next week or overnight if you're that desperate. I *know* how these things go . . . =^D

Don't forget to post pics, ok?

~Mike in Tampa (where the sunrise was perfectly spactacular!)

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