Sticks & String - Podcast

There is a great podcast called "Sticks & String" by David Reidy, an Aussie knitting bloke. This can be found at

Dave has done only 6 shows to date and all are pleasant to listen you. He has a definite male energy about his programming which I enjoy. In addition, he is doing a great job raising the profile of men knitters.

To be honest, I'd never heard a podcast before but now I'm very keen to hear more. He has links to other podcasts about knitting, a couple of which are by guys.


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Yes, Jesse, it is good, I enjoy it too. David came to our Saturday afternoon knitting group (Newtown, Sydney) a few weeks ago and he is as nice in person as he is in the podcast.

I'm traveling to my Mom's for the Christmas holiday, and these podcasts will be perfect entertainment for the journey. Thanks for posting this link.