The sock (my first 'real' one)

Sock (alas, only one so far)
Schoeller-Stahl "Fortissima Colori"
2 US Sized 2 circs.
(Directions and pattern from Cat Bordi "Fortissima Fairisle Socks... for the Skacel Collection)


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That's the trouble with socks. You commit yourself to two. HA!!

Pretty yarn is that that self-striping Opal stuff?


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Great work. Aren't they fun to do. My mother used to make us cast on the second one as soon as we grafted the toe. I find it helps to get it started. I have trouble wearning socks now that aren't hand knit. Congratulations.

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I finished my first yesterday - - well, it was a christmas stocking - but it's the first one I've done that I actually turned the heel, and made a proper heel flap and gusset, rather then doing a gussetless short row heel.

Next big project is Eunny Jung's Bayerische socks done as kilt hose.

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I don't know about that commitment stuff, Stan. My first sock isn't going all that well. I'm thinking I might donate it to the local Veteran's Hospital. They can give it to an amputee, then I don't have to make another one!


Great going! The sock looks fantastic, and I'm ready to do an internet search and buy some of that yarn! If you have trouble starting the 2nd sock, try knitting both at the same time---two skeins of yarn, two sets of needles.

Knit the cuff and leg for one sock, then set it aside and knit the cuff and leg for the second. Then divide for the heel and knit the heel flap for the one; set aside, and do the same for the other sock.

Switch off this way, through each stage of the sock knitting process, leaving the grafting of the both socks for the very last step. The result? Both socks done at the same time!