Initialed Scarf.... Possible without Crochet?

So I was talking to a friend, and he wants a black scarf with is three initials AMC at the end of the scarf. I can't find any patterns for doing this, for knitting alone. This makes me wonder if I have to crochet in the letters, or how that would work? I have no clue. I found that there might be an article in the April 2004 issue of Knit N' Style labeled "Initial Scarf--Alpacas in America". Other than that, I can't find any info on how to do the initials.

Being only a quarter of the way done with my first project, should I just say tough luck, I'm knitting a normal scarf no initials, or knt the scarf and stitch in the initials afterwards, or keep my hopes up that I will find a pattern?

I don't know how to crochet, but am an eager learner. If that's the right route to take for creating initials, then that's the route I'll take.

Input? Thanks!


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I would do the initials in "duplicate stitch" afterwards...

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I agree with Bill. I just had my first go at duplicate stitch (Swiss embroidery) and really like the way it turned out. It looks like I knitted the stitches.

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And for those of you wondering what "duplicate stitch" may be - it is essentialy just using a needle (such as a blunt tapestry needle or a finishing needle) with yarn and tracing the path of the yearn through the knit stitches with another colour so as to look as if the stitches were knit with the second colour.

Sort of interstarsia on the sly, or crewel embroidery on the knit fabric. A valid and old technique and probably a lot easier then knitting the initials in colourwork.

There are lots of graphed alphabets out on the web to choose your letters -

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After I finish all my Xmas scarves, I plan to make a "F$%@ YOU" scarf for myself using these letter charts. My plan in using these was to knit the letters in reverse stockinette, but you could easily do it in a contrasting color as well.

Of course, there would be a right and wrong side to the scarf, but I think that anybody who reads the message of my scarf will hesitate to say anything.

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Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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To do duplicate stitch requires stockinette background. And you know for initials, I wouldn't even bother: Just use yarn and darning needle to embroider the initials (also requires stockinette, but can be done on the purl side as well. The swiss darning tends to look pretty blocky for lettering, and if you just embroidered, you could do cool stylistic lettering.

Just my 2cents (says the man who's done an awful lot of swiss darning, as of late).