I need your help!

Hello to all at MWK

As the title suggests I need your help. There appears to be a national shortage of men's knitting patterns in the UK and I have been trying to find a pattern for a jumper that I can use larger needles (15-17mm) and there's nothing here in the UK. I fancied a change from double-knit yarn and wanted to use the chunky or super chunky yarns. So therefore I send out a plea to those MWK around the world to point me in the right direction!!


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I was just looking at some great patterns for 2st/inch patterns in the Woodland Woolworks catalog.
...some are from a Rowwan book called Country Escape...
some from a book called Arabesque

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funky knits by carok meldrun has cool one with saftey-pinned rips on the stripe lines, alsthough you could skip the pins and stripes. Knit.1 has made several that use wool-ease thick & quick.

... but i havent found any online.

as for other ideas, you could try generating a pattern


using a mix & match style book


or download a trial version od a pattern software.

hope this helps!

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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I have a lovely pattern for a chunky aran tweed in either cardi, crew neck, or v-neck. Quite nice. (The pattern has both bulky and worsted sizing. I did the pattern in worsted, and it was GORGEOUS.

I go to e-bay to find men's patterns. I just went and typed in "men knitting pattern chunky" and found over 40 different patterns/books for men's sweater designs. Even if you don't find a pattern you like you can have a great time looking at the pictures of older magazine layouts - they crack me up.