It's been a while & Tooting my own horn.

When I look at the September date of my last post, I realize that life has taken over from blogging and reading other people's blogs. Lots has been going on here and I've missed so much. I really must work on coming to this site at least twice a week.

On my personal blog, I've got lots of FOs you can see scarves (with accompanying patterns), socks, toques, etc. I'm almost all ready for the holidays.

To toot my own horn, I was just interviewed by a Chilean knitting forum about men who knit. If you read Spanish, you can check it out at
RevésDerecho ( It's not KnittyGritty (congrats Charles!, btw), but it's something.

Have a great holiday season all!


Bill's picture

your PDF for the toddler hat is beautifully done!!!
Thank you!
...have to try it for my grandson!

Hey Bill:

Thanks. Please post a pix when you're done. I'd love to see the different colourways others use.


Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada

Charles Voth
Welland, Ontario, Canada

Great interview! And another knitting website for me to read.

I found it interesting that your father encouraged you to knit while it was your mother who had doubts. My dad also supported my creative/artistic endeavors (he himself was a jeweler and a weaver), and I've always been glad that he didn't try to make me into something else by forcing me to play football day and night.