Sock It To Me!!

I am now the proud owner of some Opal self patterning wool, some scary double pointed needles and cold toes. I know there are some master sock knitters lurking on this site and I am hoping you can point me in the right direction of some websites that will ease me gently into how to knit socks.

Also are double pointed needles they way to go or should I be investing in some circular needles?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.



Socks are a snap. Super easy. I do them on DPNs, toe up rather than cuff down. Doesn't really matter since I use a percentage based method. You can make anyone, anywhere a pair of socks WITHOUT a pattern or recipe if you have but one measurement.

Please see the this pattern from my dear friend Stasia up in Minnesota. Once you have all your family's and friend's measurement, you can knit away with impunity.

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my favorite is the Ann Norling basic sock pattern... great because the pattern covers several guages ande needle/yarn sizes...

Hey there,

Check out There is a video demo on baby socks that equally applies to big boy socks using dpns.


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Since 99.9% of all sock patterns are written using double point needles, I would suggest learning to make them that way first. But once you have a pair or two under your belt (and on your feet) I would suggest learning socks on circular needles. I knit my socks using the magic loop method on a 40" US2 needle. It took me longer to cast on the 20 stitches to try the techniques than it did to learn it. I was shown how to do it, followed along with that person and was knitting a 20 st tube right off the bat. So I swear by magic loop now.

Remember... knitting socks and sock yarnis addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you ::grin::

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I love dpn because they allow me to be a bit more flexible than the circular needles.


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Hey Chunkster!

At first DPN's are like wrestling with a 16 legged spider but after the first couple of rows all is right with the world.

You'll hear it a million times, but just be sure not to twist the stitches.

I do have another cure for cold toes... let me see ... where did I put that cure........

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regarding the "sixteen legged spider" - see the toe-up method in Mike's blog. unlike a lot of circular knitting starts this starts with only 2 needles (three if you count the one you knit onto; then you add needles as the number of stitches progress.

I like to use a total of 4 needles (three plus the working needle - 1/4 of stitches on each of two needles, 1/2 stitches on the third) though some people prefer using 5 (stitches divided on 4, fifth is your working needle) or more.

but starting with 1/2 the stitches on each of 2 needles rather then trying to immmediately divide them between three or 4 needles helps a *LOT* especially when one is clumsy like myself.

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