noone's perfect

Oh well - it's my 2nd attempt at the "star" cap - the first one turned out pretty well - so I decided I am now a guru - (RIGHT!) and did hat #2 using all knit for the hat part instead of the k4p1 that cosmo suggested in his pattern. the result: a too big hat that looks rediculous on, and a frustrated knitter - although, I did learn some and I'm glad I did it - it just makes me a little scared about trying other more complicated fair isle hats because I'd be crying if I had made a hat that was really complicated and time consuming pattern!

Anyway, look and laugh - I'm OK with it - :)


Cosmo's picture

It looks great. I'm sorry it doesn't fit. I made another one this week using a different yarn and the swatch was way bigger then before and i cut the number of stitches down by a third. Maybe you could try a differnt kind of ribbing for the next one -- if there is a next one.