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OK, guys, help me out here. I'm doing this Babbas Bed Sock, and it says to knit the foot until length desired, then begin the toe decreases. Well, how do I know the length of foot desired? Do you measure from the heel to the ball of the foot, or do you know if its a men's 11, you knit 8 inches then begin decreases or something like that from some set formula? Any help would be appreciated.


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Based on what Mike says in his 'percentage based socks' post (see his blog); from the turn of the heel to where you decrease for toe should equal the circumfrence of the ball of the foot. I think.

edited: I checked some other sources - from the point where you pick up the heel gusset to the point you narrow the toe should equal in length the width of the sock at the ball of the foot - HALF the circumfrence of the ball of the foot.

(that's pretty easy if you are doing toe-up) - A rule of thumb I found for cuff down is from the point you pick up the heel gusset stitches to the narrowing of the toe should equal the width of the sock leg directly below any cuff ribbing.

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I had seen stickywarps previous note, but not opened the rather extensive toe up directions he posted. Wow! I am doin these cuff down, but I will kind of see if that measurement still applies. Wow, I can't wait to try a pair toe up like that!

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kewl. I'll check that out.

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Try em on....
Even ones I give away tend to fit other people...unless they are really little or big feet.
I start the decrease right after I've covered the ball of my foot
Make sure you have as many needles as possible, I've broken a needle before. HA.

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I start decreasing two inches before the end of the sock.

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And the thing with doing socks Magic Loop is you have a 40" cable to spread your stiches out on, so there is almost no chance of the mcoming off while trying them on.