Favorite Knitting Bags?

Hello Gentlemen,

The Best Beloved is growing irked at the loose balls of yarns flowing out of the wicker basket, and covering a surprising amount of space. Having just walked down from the office to the kitchen to pour a cup of tea, I was amused to notice that there is yarn here in the office, yarn in the living room on the sofa, yarn in the dining room on the table, under the table, and on the piano. The Best Beloved is not amused, and threatening to purchase a knitting project type bag for me for a Christmas gift.

I was wondering if anyone out there has a particularly favorite bag that they use for storing projects - yarn, needles, measuring devices, etc? If you would kindly share them with me, I will, kindly of course, pass on the recommendations to the Best Beloved.

Jonathan in rainy DC



My favorite bag of all time came from Michael's. Can't remember if you have them up there. I don't think we did in Baltimore. But, if you do: it's a white canvas bag that is huge, has two rows of pockets, both sides, and was a whopping 5 clams & change. Although, I just did a search of their site and don't see them listed. Conversely:

Go to:


and get a cheepo MWK bag with logo. 15 clams. Not bad, and since it's so reasonable, remind him how much you've saved him so that he can hit Bloomies at Pent. City or Tiffy's out in Potomac for a bauble or two to throw in it. Why, he'll be thrilled with the service for him that you've selflessly done!

Ho, ho, ho!
~Mike in Tampa (where it, too, is rainy and yuck . . .)

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You would think a man would not be bothered by loose "balls" lying about the house... heh heh... anyways...

A knitting bag? A single knitting bag could not possibly hold all of my various and sundry yarns, needles and knitterly accoutrements. To quote the Yarn Harlot on the subject..."You do know, don't you, that by tidied up the yarn I mean I stuffed it into bags and then into closets and cupboards and boxes and anywhere else I could hide it? I suffer under the delusion that I have my yarn stored, Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, all I have is my yarn, at the best of times, contained."

I think she says it all right there. Besides she makes me feel normal. Right now I have 2 big plastic totes stuffed with various yarns; an overflowing laundry basket; 2 cardboard boxes, and several large craft store shopping bags all filled with a variety of purchases. I have absolutely no self control at a close out sale, the Knitting Guild Annual Auction, or if I have a 40% off coupon. I do have a backpack, which is my traveling knitting bag; as well as a canvas tote that I got from one of the LYS when they had thier anniversary sale (note my pervious shopping comment)

I do have a wicker basket in the living room, next to the sofa. I bought it with the intention of holding the "in the works" projects that did not travel with me. It of course is filled with odd balls of yarn, one or two projeccts in the works and is surrounded by various projects in various bags, sacks and zip-lock bags. I did at least try with that one.

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Yes, I should really be clear about this: all these loose balls of yarn are IN ADDITION TO the ones contained in plastic bags stuffed away, AND to black garbage bags of fleece waiting to be spun, two of which are sitting here at my feet under the computer desk.

I'm not so sure he knew what he was getting into all these years ago. Still, he does have some fabulous sweaters, so he doesn't complain too loudly.


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my favorite bag is a knitting tote from Joann's fabrics - it's a rolling tote (kind of big if you're just working on something small, but it's a decent size to store a blanket's worth of yarn - I use it to drag my projects in progress to my LYS - and use it also to haul out (and hide) the yarn I buy each week! - it holds books, notions, scissors, etc. with ease -

check out:


(mine is black) - and if you sign up for their email, you'll get 40% off online coupons, and SOMETIMES free shipping... it's worth a look :)



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A Stanley tool box: Target

I bought a great, black Stanley brand soft tool box at Target that's perfect. And what could be more butch than carrying around your knitting in a tool box? It kind of opens up like a black doctor's bag - at least what doctors used to carry. There is a long inside side pocket along one side for my straight needles, another long side pocket along the other side where I keep all my accessories like tape measure, needle guage, stitch holders, stitch markers, darning needles, etc. I keep all my circular needles (or knitting project if I'm traveling) in the bottom compartment. It cost about $15 US. I think someone in the past (on MWK) suggested this tool box/bag and I ran out and got one. I don't know if Target still carries this same tool bag or not. But I imagine you could find something similar.

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My favorite bag is from Trader Joe's Grocery: It is their 99cent reusable shopping bag. It's virtually indestructable, and is big enough to hold most large projects. And besides being cheap and durable, it stands up nicely on it's own. It's lightweight, too, and yarn doesn't stick to the slippery sides.

Portland, OR

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AND: While yer there, you can pick up a case of 2 buck Chuck Wine. Trader Joe's is THE place for cheap adult goodies. AND, in San Diego, that takes on a WHOLE other meaning . . .
Ahem . . . . .

~Mike in Tampa (where we, sadly, don't have Trader Joe's . . .)
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I love my Bucket Boss ProSuper Gate Mouth bag. I bought it from Amazon.com. Here's a link:


- Nice and big (definitely needed since I tend to have so many projects going at the same time.)
- It zips closed (so my cat Jake doesn't decide that my knitting is his new toy.)
- Very butch (not that I'm insecure or anything!)


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A friend for Christmas gave me an "Eagle- good to go" knitting bag. It has 6 pockets on the outside to hold yarn, the pockets have a hole so the yarn goes into the inside of the bag where your work in progress is.
Lots of pockets inside, square bottom so it stands. Only problem is that it only comes in the color orange.
Have a blessed Christmas.


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to store vast amounts of yarn, I like to use those clear zippered bags that sheet sets or comfortors come in. Mostly they're somewhat square and they'll fit under the bed. Also have a few of those "space bags" with my yarn in hypersleep preparing for a long, deepspace journey. (Ripley wanted a project to do until the next sequel)

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I saw this on amazon.com and thought it might be a good knitting bag - butch enough for even the most discriminate of our members:


My knitting is totally tubular!

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