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My copy of "Finishing Techniques For Hand Knitting: Give Your Knitting that Professional Look" by Sharon Brant arrived today from

I think I was hooked by the title, thinking that this would be a book of "cold, hard knitting facts" (as my knitting buddy Azza says) but it's just another knitting book. It is filled with the basics and some patterns; end of the story. There is nothing new or exciting in this book. I wouldn't even recommend it as a learner's book as I've seen much better on the market.

The title is so misleading that I thought the cover must have been accidentally put over the wrong contents. If you are considering purchasing this book, save your money and don't! In my opinion, it is a complete disappointment. I won't even waste my time taking a photo of it and up-loading it here.


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Thanks for confirming my opinion of the book. When in Canada I glanced at one and thought that I could have written this book twenty years ago and know so much more now.

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Check out "The Big Book of Knitting" by Katherina Buss. I was impressed, and that takes a lot with me...

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I'm glad you posted this as I *almost* ordered it because Crafter's Choice had it. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Bryant of Prism Yarn and she wholeheartedly recommended Nancy Wiseman's Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques. She just raved about it, says she still uses it even after all these years, and as a bonus, it is spiral bound so can be laid flat whilst knitting. Mine is on hold at Borders so I can't offer my personal opinion just yet, but an idea for an alternative anyway. Amazon has it too. Good luck!

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Nancie Wiseman's book is superior! I have re-read it multiple times just to learn more. I like the way she lists the pros and cons of different knitting techniques so that the knitter can make an informed decision. The photos are good and clear and the book is very helpful. Yup, the spiral binding is an extra bonus. I am 100% confident you will like this book so head straightaway to Borders and get yours today!

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hey I got a mention I'm flattered!! Thanks!! I checked out that book in Singapore we are so similar that i actually looked at it but didn't think much of it either!! How's that!! We are still on the same path. regards Azza.