Valuable lesson learned

Today is a day to feel good about myself. The way we all feel when we weave in that last tail of the last stich of a project. In this case it was my mother's socks, originally intended to be given to her for Mothers Day, but things happend.

I always try to keep two projects going in knitting at one time. A big one and a little one like socks, but I am now at the odd point. I have nothing to knit.

Today I asked my wife if there was anything she wanted me to work on for her. Something she may like for the summer before I start up on all the winter sweaters again. I sat her down in fron of the PC and flipped open a few bookmarks of nice patterns in my browser and stopped at the top one... Knitty...

Two hours of her looking at the patterns. Every pattern... Printing out all of the ones she likes and wants done, and I quote "Oh I love it.. how soon can you finish it??" I have from six to ten new projects and somehow I think that after she follows through with her threat of getting me some subscriptions to some knitting and crocheting magzines, I'll never... EVER be looking for a project again.

My lesson: Alway ask if she likes something and wants it made for her, not for her to find you something to knit.