One gift finally finished

This is the guitar "strap" I made for my best friend's daughter, and the guitar that she got for her. I based it off the "Marley's Ghost" scarf thing on The links were fun and easy to make and the yarn is just good ol' Cascade 220.

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Aaron that is just too damn cute! I didn't realize how cute until I saw the normal size images. But again I wouldn't expect anything less than cute from you.

Hope you are getting through the holidays unscathed.

Loves ya' as always,


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It really IS choice! It looks like it's composed of knitted chain links. Is that right? What an idea! Huzzah to you!

~Mike in Tampa (who thinks knitted chains present a whole, new set of options that one would have never thoug . . . . never mind.)

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Yup, chain links! Next time I try it, I might try chain mail though.