First blog attempt

Well, here goes. Where should I begin? Okay. I started knitting a couple of weeks ago, motivated by an article in one of our local papers, the Wisconsin State Journal. The article looked at men who knitted, something I had wanted to learn since childhood but never did (men don't knit, unless they're, well...). I'm not, well... so I never picked it up. No, I'm not homophobic, anti-gay, or whatever. I was just sensitive to people's perceptions of me and since I am short & overweight, not athletic, etc., what little I could do (or not do) to keep me "manly" in the eyes of my peers, I did.

Okay, long story short. I went to a yarn shop, saw it was closed, and went to another one. Bought two skeins of cheap green yarn, a pair of cheap size 10 needles, and signed up for a beginning knitting class. Circumstances being what they were, I had to reschedule the class. Well, nobody told the instructor, who cancelled because there weren't enough people signed up (I would've put them over the minimum). Bought Knitting For Dummies and taught myself to screw up. Finally got in for a one-on-one class, and a few weeks later, I finished my first short scarf. Excited by my success, I went back to the yarn shop with my wife, and had her pick out yarn for another scarf.

Fast forward a month to the present, and here we are. I'm almost done with the scarf, and I'm so excited about doing another project that I'm afraid I might bite off more than I can chew. I want to try a simple hat, but I think I'll work on increases and decreases first. I'd like to start off something like one stitch, and increase both sides out to 30 or so total, then decrease to five or so, and make a diamond pattern like that, using different increases & decreases for each diamond. I think that would give me some good practice & get me ready for the hat I want to make for my son.

Oh, and those peers I was so afraid of before... they think it's great that I learned to knit. I was afraid of nothing! It's amazing how something as simple as knitting can create so much confidence.

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