Fiber Trends "Winter In The City" hat

These are also Christmas gifts that have been done for a while. Good ol' Cascade 220 for these and the fur was some Berroco something or other. The attached pics show one completed and one in progress.

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Nice crisp blocking on that! Do you have an actual hat form or did you improvise?

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No hat form. Put it on the bottom of a sauce pan from my kitchen!

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Aaron that apple in the picture looks delicious!

Looks terrific! Sort of a psuedo Jackie Kennedy look.

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That's great! I agree with Mario about the blocking; at first I thought it was a woven fabric or felted. Is this your own pattern?

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Neat hat! It reminds me of a Mongolian hat that's worn on the Steppes. Without the ear flaps, of course. Really wonderful work.

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