Nephew's Teddy Bear

This is the last gift. It is a teddy bear for my 3 1/2 year old nephew. This lucky bear is also wearing the first sweater I have ever completed. He's not perfect. I know where the errors are. His eyes are also a bit crooked and I could have done more with the mouth. But I think he looks just right.


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Who wants a perfect teddy? All they do is give out inferiority complexes. Teddy's which are "real" are comforting and compainianable.

Celebrate Teddy Bear Day - February 31st.

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I love him! I think he's perfect!

congrats on your little wonder! :)


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What a nice bear. I think he's perfect too.


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I love that wee guy! You did a fantastic job with him - very cute and cuddleable. Lucky nephew! I admire you for the ability to make him; I tried to make a teddy bear and just couldn't cut it. Well done!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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I love the wee jumper. Very cute.

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How CUTE! I love the sweater.