For the troops

Well, a couple of days ago I learned that my best friend is being deployed to Iraq. He's in the Army Reserve, meaning he's got crappy equipment. So, I've been looking for ways to send him something, and I've found several patterns & requests for helmet liners. If any of you have ever worn a Kevlar helmet, you know they can get a little drafty underneath. Riding in the back of a truck wearing one, and it can get pretty cold. Plus, there's no protection from your face. Plus, having been in Iraq myself, I know how cold it can get at night. So, I downloaded a pattern. While I am not at the level where I could do it myself, I hope maybe by posting this I can get some folks on here to chip in the way our parents & grandparents did in WW2, knitting sweaters, socks, scarves, and hats for the soldiers overseas.

I'd love to know if anyone would be willing to help make one or two of these helmetliners, or scarves, hats, socks, etc. If anyone is willing, I'll gladly share my address so you can send them to me & I'll get them out to my friend's unit right away. He's not leaving until sometime in July, so I have a little time to get stuff done.

I served in the Army during the first Gulf War, attached to the first unit from 3rd Armored Division to cross into Iraq & face some of the Republican Guards troops. This is a personal thing for me, and I plan toat least crank out a scarf or two to send overseas during the next few months. Remember, black, brown, or olive-drab colors, and use sturdy wool that can stand up to some harsh conditions (it would feel wonderful, but no cashmere or alpaca, please).

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