Plum Jumper with Shawl Collar

I have been wanting to knit a vintage-looking jumper with a shawl collar for some time now. When I found this Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in a beautiful dark plum colour, I was certain this wool would make exactly what I was imagining. I am such a sucker for tweeds that I couldn’t resist the wool, even though it was quite expensive. But, having said that, I must hasten to add that there is more yardage on these skeins so the cost was actually not all that bad. The Silkroad contains: 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% merino. I found knitting with it rather awkward because of what I determine to be a high surface tension from the silk content. I definitely would not knit in this again. I knitted this on 4.5 mm needles (the label recommended 4.0 mm but the fabric was unsatisfactory).

I wanted to sort making a shawl collar and finally sussed it out without a pattern. I did a 7 stitch steek (photo attached) just above the sleeve join. This worked nicely as it eliminated knitting a whole lot of unnecessary stitches, thus saving expensive yarn. As I become more familiar with steeks, their size shrinks significantly. The pattern is the EZ percentages method so it circular and seamless except for where I sewed the two front collar flaps. The ribbing on the cuffs and body is deeper than I usually do so that it would compliment the width of the collar. The collar stitches were knit-up and are attached to the body. To make the back of the collar, I increased every other stitch from shoulder line to shoulder line and this gave the fullness I wanted. In the future, I’ll try a shawl collar with a front that is rounded rather than square. Believe me, there is a lot of ribbing in the bloody collar!

I used a cheap digital camera for the photos and they actually show the colour better than the more expensive camera I have been using. It must have taken me longer to get the new camera out of Japanese and into English modes than it took to knit the jumper! As always, I feel I need to add a disclaimer about my terrible photography.

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That is truly a beautiful sweater and what a colour. The collar is a work of art. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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I'll second that on both the collar and the colour! droolishiss!

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