Making it happen

Well, I think I already have one person convinced to start making scarves for the troops overseas. Strangely, one of my daughter's TaeKwonDo instructors knits... He just started knitting, says he's on his 8th scarf so far. I told him if he wants to make one or two for the troops & get it to me, I'll send it out. This hits even closer to home as on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal is an article saying another 1020 Wisconsin National Guard troops are being deployed. That's more Wisconsin NG soldiers on active duty than there has been since Kennedy was in office. It's getting to be such that everyone knows someone who's either been deployed or who has friends & family serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I've always known I wanted to knit to help other people out, making gloves & hats for homeless people, and I still plan to do that, but I'm going to make scarves for the troops first. Homeless people have enough support, but I know the crappy gear the reservists get, and I'm looking out for my best friend & those under his command.

Again, if anyone is interested in helping out with a scarf, gloves, helmet liner, or anything, e-mail me at I'll pay for the shipping out of my own pocket if I have to, it means that much to me.