Oh Christmas Tree

Can a Christmas tree be any more Texan than this? It's 7'x6'x5' and did I have a blast this holiday!



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It reminds me of my first Christmas with my (ex). He was leaving to spend the holidays with his folks, so I would be in our flat by myself... I didn't want to get a tree, so instead I wrapped a 5 foot Hibiscus with lights, tinsel and decorations... A "Christmas Hibiscus...." It was INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING. But your Christmas cactus is positively charming.

Very cool

600 acres in East Texas; house-sitting for new beau's MOTHER (!); a Cactus 'Christmas tree'; Holidays with new beau's FAMILY (!):

Honestly, aren't you just a bit ashamed at your brazen 'cheek'??? I ask you, sir: Have you NO shame?????

No? Good for you! Woo Hoo! Your posts have brightened my weekend. What a long road you have traveled. Looks like the adage: 'Window closes: Door Opens' is all too true.

You must write your memoirs. Let's see, . . . Ah!: In answer to Colette, we'll give you the pen name: Chrislette. We'll find you a publisher in Montmartre, trump up a fallacious sordid past . . . oh, wait. Never mind. Done.

I'll get back to you with a publisher in tow . . .

What a wonderful end of the year report. You and Parker. (Has the Algonquin aproached you yet?)

Many hugs,
~Mike in Tampa

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