My Knitting Projects

My first project was big one. I needed a blanket for the sleeper in my truck. So I knitted one in intarsia. It has a wolf howling at the moon. My CV handle is greywolf, so I figured why not knit a howling wolf in the middle. It took 4 months to do it. I ripped it all ougt and started over 3 times. My next projects were sweaters. I have been knitting for 2 years. I hope to start a men's knitting group here in the Kalamazoo, MI area.


Well, I'm back from California. I tried to find a men's knitting group out there in SO. CA. No luck. I am now working on a sweater for myself. I am usinf that homespun yard from Lion Brand. Ir can be a little tricky to work with.But I like the look s of the yarn.