Yarn Store Makeover

So yesterday I met up with the 2 ladies that work at my LYS (and the 88 year old woman who owns the place) around 10am - we had her permission to move everything around to create a more comfortable atmosphere - moving the clearance yarn away from the front window, moving the "knittting table" closer to the front window, rearranging bookcases, etc. She has owned the shop (in this location) for around 28 years... and she'll be the first to tell you all the other locations along with the years she was there, and what was in the spot before and after. I love her; she's a quirky cranky spunky lady - and she's the reason I love the store.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys that we spent 10 hours resetting the store - (I'm going to post photos on my blog; www.kyleknits.blogspot.com) to keep from taking up space here - if you want to see some before and after photos.

I haven't painted yet, and there's LOTS still to do, but we did succeed in getting rid of a GROSS clearance rack that was hand made and half done, with its back showing out the front window.... and we also moved the notions/needles/etc. to the back of the store, cleaned up the register area, and put hanks on a long (10-12') wall - and arranged them by color -

Today, while I was only there a short while, everyone couldn't stop commenting on how different the store looked, and how I was crazy for doing it for "free" - I couldn't get these people to understand that I did it because I love the shop - not necessarily to help the owner- but having more people at the store and getting more business to it is my ultimate goal. I'm not 100% positive what my motives are (or if there really are any motives at all) - perhaps I'm "practicing" for when I get my own store a number of years for now... or maybe I just wanted to make a tiny difference in the knitting world.

now... if I can just get her to have the big blowout sale that she REALLY needs to have... (yes, yes, yes, boys... you'll be the first to know!)



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I looked at the photos and the "after" looks great! Seeing the "before" pic of the counter says to me that this was an emergency! I think it's splendid that you did this.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Isn't it nice when a persons 'home' extends beyond what we pay rent or mortgage payments on?

Good job there buddy!


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In the world of business and restaurants: Marketing/Presentation is EVERYTHING! Good for you. The gal that I teach for has a strip mall location about 5 paces wide by about 20 paces long and it is CRAMMED. She carries nothing but Cadillac yarns/weaponry/fibre/notions/BEADERY (!) and she has got all the new stuff coming out but we're almost to the point of putting a French door on the shop and making it into a walk-up service only! You get about 6 customers in there browsing and you get to know them more then you ever wanted to! =^D

The shop looks great Kyle!
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