please help

Is anyone familiar with Entralac-ing? I found this pattern in Vogue Knitting, which is probably way beyond my abilities, and I'm having a hard deciphering what it's telling me to do once I get to a certain point in the patern.

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Another Texan running about! The "Big 'D'" here.

Welcome and ask any and all quesitons you want or need to ... but be ready for a boat-load of answers.. but they are always good ones.

Welcome aboard and as we texans like to say.. Bon Voyage!


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
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Private message me and I'll tell you who to stay away from.... on my list they are all cute, sexy and I have already staked a claim on them... so stay away!!! LOL.


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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Hi Matthew, welcome. Never worry about beginner's questions - there are all sorts of knitters on this site who ask all sorts of questions. It's a welcoming lot of men knitters!

I've done some entrelac work but it's been a while. As I recall, I always have to read through the directions 3 or 4 times before they start making sense.

If you have a specific question about where you are in the pattern, feel free to email me directly.

By the way, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and reading about knitting lately, and everyone seems to be in agreement: if there's something you want to make, do it. Don't worry about the degree of difficulty. You can learn it. It's just needles and yarn after all.

Jonathan in DC

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welcome welcome...

the best suggestion I can give (since I learn visually) is to find a little yarn shop (a "lys") and see if they will show you - many stores give free instruction with the purchase of yarn - you can hang out there and get knotted up - hand over your project to the folks there and they'll get you back on the right path. The first cable I did (I haven't talked about it on here even) I did at my LYS - they helped me through the pattern line by line...

how new of a knitter are you? I agree with the other guys that you shouldn't be afraid to try new things - just be sure you don't get discouraged just because something doesn't work out - read on this site and you'll find lots of experienced knitters with years and years of experiences talking about their projects that turned out a mess :)



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Hello to a new member.

Entralac is something that was fashionable in the late 1980s and is relatively simple to do once the first band has been completed. Howeveer, without telling us where you are stuck.... we cannot help. I found it easier to find someone local to show me what needed to be done as the pattern appears to confuse rather than help. We are here to help and guide so ask away....

Good luck

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Welcome texan.....the enterlac is awesome...I went on an Enterlac bender for a bit and then got really sick of it....but once you get the turning part down you will be just fine.....and P.S. from Oklahoma....Chris V is the one to watch out for....;->

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Not familiar with entrelac so I can't help, but I would like to chime in and welcome you to the site too. Everyone here is great, and I'm sure whatever you need help with, you will find someone here to answer whatever questions you've got. Enjoy!

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My first Entrelac wasn't too bad. I was more than happy to have it finished though. The one I did however didn't have a squared off cast-on or bind-off edge. It had points, so it started with the middle rectangles. I KNEW I would never get the pattern memorized.... but sure enough, after a half-dozen repeats it finally stuck. I am not fond of picking up stitches (not my forte'). If a full-on woven look is what you're going for then Entrelac is your demon of choice. Lately I've been sort of faux-entrelac'ing by doing the 'Multidirectional' kind of modular knitting. (see blog pic of diamond scarf). I would check with the LYS people. They might even have a class scheduled. (that's how I learned). Regards and Happy New (Knitting) Year. Kerry