Mountain Goats and Knitting Bags

First, thanks for all the suggestions from everyone. I like all the ideas I have heard. I think I will start with TwistKnit's swatch idea. I just tried some purling on my current scarf (which is quickly turning into a practice swatch that is scarf length) and I am having some troubles. I can't seem to get the needle through if I mix up purls with knits, the stitches are too tight. So, I think I need more practice before my next (first) scarf.

I also went and asked about some classes, looks like I am going to take one starting later this month. While there I picked up my 2nd set of needles; a wooden set size #7. I already have a set of size #9 so #8 seemed a bit close to what I already had. In addition I picked up some "Mountain Goat" hand painted yarn, I really like it. It is 55% mohair and 45% wool, 5st/inch/ 230 yards. It has a great changing color to it (called Firestorm). It is kind of spendy but I won't use it until I am ready. I got it at my LYS but here is an online link to the same stuff:

Now, the last question, What does everyone use for a knitting bag? Everything I look at is really geared towards woman. I have been using a big zip lock bag, but that is already getting too small. Any really neat ideas for portable bags out there? I am sure this crowd has come up with some very clever options.


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keep it simple 'til you figure out what you'd really like...
I use zip lock bags for individual projects...a canvas tote bag works well just to keep things together...
I change my mind about the best bag every few months...LOL

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You've gotta love the ziplock bags, Kev!
I've been knitting for 13 years and I still use 'em! I can stuff a sock project in a small ziplock bag, needles and all, and throw it into my backpack. Plus, you can squish the air out of it before you zip it up and it takes less space! They come in a big variety of sizes. The freezer bags are durable. You can see what's inside. What's not to love?

I don't have a specific knitting bag, but I'm really considering this Knitter's Messenger Bag from Jordana Paige. It's made for knitters, but looks like it would be functional enough that it could replace my backpack.

Hello Greg,

Around the house I use a small basket I picked up at Michael's. For traveling projects like socks I use a pencil bag my wife made me, and for larger projects I use a felted satchel I made from a pattern on Knitty ( It's a great project, and it was my first felted item, so it's really simple to knit up. Until that point, however, I used a backpack.

Good luck with your scarf.


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I agree with everyone else - there is always a "better" bag hiding around the corner - but zip lock bags work best - I love the felted bag - I might try that as ANOTHER project to work on - (let's see... I have in my "in progress" pile right now: 1 sweater for me, 1 sweater for my partner (shhh), 1 sweater for a coworker, 1 blanket (just working it out), 1 intarsia scarf)

I have the JoAnn's rolling tote thing - it's a little different than the one on the link in this thread, but it works really well- I use it to drag all my books/yarn/etc. to the shop when hanging out with my girls. at home, I have a few random messenger bags, zip lock bags, etc. and one vintage knitting holder thingy - kind of like this one:

whatever you choose, you'll still need more storage!(especially for yarn- it's addicting!)



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gifts with a designated giftee don't count; so you definately need more projects cast on.

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You may be twisting the purl stitches, which would tighten them up. Many people have the oppisete problem - their stitches become too loose when they mix knits and purls.

As far as bags go - I tend towards the ziplock set myself - but I do have a number of canvas totes - the one I use the most is made of an old sweater, felted, with one external pocket and two internal pockets - which I confess usually have CD's in them, while my cell phone rides in the outside pocket. The knitting is in ziplocks within the bag.

then there's the dragon shaped one, which is my favorite - (yes, I'll post a picture soon)

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MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I think that's exactly what he's doing. Many people do not purl correctly and you *do* get a problem when you try to knit into a twisted purl stitch.
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First off, Welcome to the group. Run while you still have the chance . . .

The JoAnn's thing is a bit over the top, I think. I got a great denim bag there for
5 clams. Got a zipper, got two shoulder handles, it's nice an deep and I don't feel
conspicuous carrying it.

If you get anything much bigger, you'll find, if you're like me, that all sorts of crap
will end up in it and soon there won't be any room for your sock project or sweater project
and this has just enough room for a project of that size and my Franklin planner (Classic size).

123 years ago, when guy bags came into fashion, I laid out 350 clams for a saddlebag Coach bag which was
just tooooo wonderful. Within a month it
had turned into a Vortex that sucked in
everything I touched to the point that I couldn't find anything at all. It weighed a ton
and I eventually decided that this was the very reason that most women seemed to live life
on the edge and I went back to Le Wallet.

Now, I have that denim bag which is just great and for 5 bucks how can you go wrong?

There. That's my US$ 00.02 worth.

Nice to have you with us,

~Mike in Tampa (who, over the years, has spent a young fortune on bags . . . some of them carriable - )
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I was using a duffel bag as a knitting bag. I had originally bought it as a gym bag bag, but it had so many different pockets for supplies that I couldn't resist using it for my knitting. Now I have a "Good to Go" bag that I found at "Michael's."
I usually don't buy knitting supplies there but I decided to stop one day and the bag caught my eye.

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In addition to the snazzy bag I received from my Secret Santa, I also use a simple messenger bag/man purse that I picked up for about $15 from the H&M store in the mall.

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Greg be careful... they are all trying to M1 with you!(Look it up in your knitting book)

Personally I like, and use, a canvas shopping bag that I purchased at Whole Foods Market here in Dallas. Not 'girly' at all and it incorrectly proclaims to the world how environmentally concerned I am. (outward appearance is everything y'all know)

I would assume that any organically managed, organically run organic store could provide you with an organically similar bag.

Welcome to the site. You have entered the portal of knitting knowledge and most likely the citadel of sin.

Knit away,


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Hi Greg, for a knitting bag there's no substitute for the one that I received as a gift two Xmas ago. It has pockets for needles, pins, etc... and it has pockets for yarn, books and a cavernous inside that can hold all my yarn for a couple of projects. I'm teaching my Mom to knit too, so I bought her one this year. You can get them at Michael's in the yarn section - it was at the very back corner in our local store.

Good luck with the purl - keep doing it until you go 'a ha!'