Christmas is over...

... thank god.
Ya know, having a deadline for knitted gifts really can frazzle a fella. Yall should warn people. :-) I think there should be a list... "100 things you should know before knitting Christmas gifts"

Well, since it's done I thought I'd post a shameless picture of the blanket I made from the counterpane squares a while back. I used some Caron Simply Soft from Wally World. Eh... it worked. Sorry you can't see lots of detail in the pics. It was the first lace-type thing I'd done. I forgot to take the pictures before I wrapped em up. Oops. The second picture has the niece and my brother holding it.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the other gifts I knitted up. Two stockings (on for the bro holding the blanket and the other for his cute dog), three scarves, the blanket and the Peacock Feathers shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting (link: ) I don't have pictures of the shawl yet. I'll take em after it gets blocked. Tho I'm not sure how I'm gonna block the damn thing. It's HUGE and I don't have the bed space nor the open floor space where the dog won't run around. I think I'll call the LYS's and see if they'll block it for me.

Anyway, with all the gifts, I officially "came out" to family and friends as a knitter. They were pretty surprised and I got alot of "You *made* that?!?" responses... which is much better than repulsion or hysterical laughter, so I'm happy. :-)

Hope you guys are having a great '07 so far.


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How beautiful is that?

Great job. Counterpanes can be a 'pane' in the tuchus if you don't keep your wits about out. I've got a pattern for one that I'd like to do. Each square is about 12X12 and there are a bazillion of them. I worry that I'd get bored by the time I'd finished the 3rd one. /-( Be just like me . . .

Thanks for sharing the photos.
~Mike in Tampa
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counterpane blanket looks great! I've got that pattern on my drive somewhere - looks as good knit up as I thought it would!

(Did you knit it in the round or do the four squares seperate, then sew?)

BTW - Christmas isn't over until sundown on the 5th of January. or until the 6th, depending on how you look at it. (says the pedantic religious)

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Thanks for the comments guys. By the time they were done, I was kinda tired of them... or the yarn... or the bobbles... can't decide which.

Mmario, I knit them as 4 separate squares and then just did a crochet join to piece them together. That's why it kinda bows in the middle when it's held by the corners. I didn't block it before I stitched them together but I don't think it would have helped any because of the cheap acrylic yarn. Once it was complete and stitched together, I went around the outside with a crocheted border. It helped slightly with the distortion, so I went around two more times. It didn't get rid of it completely, but it helped... and it made a nice edging of a sort. It's soft, washable and my niece liked it as much as she would any non-toy for Xmas. :-)

Oh... and I should probably curse the two of you for getting me hooked on lace knitting. *sigh* Bastards.


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The proper response is to "pay it forward" - get someone else hooked!

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That blanket is just stunning!

Despite the bad scallops I ate on the Saturday before, I still managed to have a good Christmas, though I still wasn't able to eat for a few days after. The few knitted gifts I was able to make were great hits, though admittedly much simpler than that stunning blanket! All of the little things I was in the middle of making for myself but set aside so I could make gifts are finally getting finished.

Did I mention that blanket is absolutely stunning?