A Note From The UP

Hello everyone.

I am in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan right now. I found a nice knitting shop here in Houghton, MI. I will be traveling a lot in the near future, so I hope to keep you up to date on all of the knitting shops I visit. I would love to tell you more about knitting projects, but I have hit a stand-still on the current project. I will do more when I have more than a few seconds to sit down.

A glimpse into my life can be found at: www.seniornationals.org This is what I do for a living.



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Moans of envy spill forth. I grew up outside of Milwaukee, WI, and I used to X-country ski through the woods sans poles (jugs filled with scalding hot water for horses' morning bran mash in each hand) for my before school job. I probably skiied 1-2 hours a day, and sometimes, I even skiied to school. It's hard to do in PDX. The weather is far too mild, and to go up into the mountains to X-country. People look at you funny. Quote one, "That ain't skiing! That's jogging in the snow!"

Thanks for sharing that link.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

Hi Knitanddestroy,

I was in Bozeman last week and visited the Yarn Shop. Have you been there? I bought some wonderful Montana yarn for my second beginner project, a hat. The ladies there were very helpful and said that they cherish their men knitters. That's the way to do business.