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We share the house with a 5 foot bear - 'Blackie' is handy to have around as he does like to model knitted items - however, he tends to lounge around the house in a kimono (He's home all day - the least he could do is clean up a little or occasionally have dinner ready)

and he also insists on his constitutional right to arm bears.

see attached photo.

(sorry for the duplicates)

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yeah - but it's the 4 foot tall rabbit tap-dancing in the hallway that is the real problem.

We did a few years ago have a young bear almost Blackie's size in the driveway. He had knocked the lid off a bird seed storage unit and was having a snack. Deer within feet of the house aren't unusual. Turkeys (the avian kind) are common; and I don't want to even discuss the number of woodchucks we are supporting.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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hehe you crack me up!

you should knit him a sweater - he looks cold - :)

thanks for making me smile - today has been a crazy day so far!