Me, on HGTV!


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THANK YOU, Thank you!!!
...that was wonderful!
I've always wondered just how the silk was unwound...
and although I did cardweaving centuries ago... I still don't understand it!
(...You are MUCH cuter than your profile pic!)

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I'm on dialup... it took over a half hour to load... and was wort every minute of the wait!!!

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Hee.... sorry about that, internet video is definitely not dial-up friendly! I think YouTube does a pretty good job of reducing it down to size, though - the original file was 337 megs, then we squeezed it down to 40, and YouTube took it from there.

Fantatstic!!! I've watched 3 times!

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I first heard of you and your silk spinning in a magazine (was it "Spin-Off?")- it seemed interesting so then I went to your website. The raising of silk moths seemed so labor intensive and I was very impressed with all that you put into it. Now that I've seen the video- I am blown away!
I wish I had the patience and talent that you possess.

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Wow, Michael, what a great video!
Loved it! I've spent hours on your website and continue to be fascinated by what you do.

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Me too!
...just spent the last two hours reading the EXCELLENT sections about rasing and reeling silkworms/ fascinating!
...and what a beautiful job of photographing details...
I'm so impressed! ...a real labour of love!
..cant wait to show it to my family in the Hill Country...they spin...

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Wow, what a great video.


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Ok Michael. I'm really impressed to the point I want your autograph when I see you Monday. If you can, bring me a copy for me to keep.

You are now eligable for a star on the "knitting walk of stars".

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

Loved the video. I'm very impressed with the work you do with the spinning. I can only imagine it takes much more patience than I have. heh Grats tho... your stuff is beautiful and you deserve the attention!

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Absolutely fascinating! Thanks!

Not only are you gifted with your silk and weaving, you were SOOOOO charming and at ease in front of the camera. Now I feel that I actually do know you.
Thanks for sharing,

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I'M SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE GURL THAT IS SO FAB U LOUS! LOL. Seriously, wow, HOW COOL! Very good job. (I did that weaving when I was in college, must be like 18 years ago. I forgot those looms. (Mine was rickety and kept very uneven tension...I wonder what happened to my belt that I made?) Thanks for sharing that. Bravo bravo. Very cool.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Absolutely wonderful! I too was impressed with how comfortable you appeared in front of the camera (you've done this before, haven't you?)

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THat was the most fscniating thing I have ever watched! Absolutely beautiful work!

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Michael has appeared on TWO YouTube videos!!

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I actually saw that episode! Thought it was VERY interesting and Very cool! When I was in Chengdu, Szechuan China last year I watched the silk harvesting process and weaving at a store in an old part of the city. It's nice to see it can be done on a smaller scale. Great Job!

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Really Awesome Michael.....I totally admire your work! Very proud of you too! Congrats!!!

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Michael, you are absolutely my hero. That's AWESOME. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

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Wow, that was really cool -- I am very impressed!