Chatroom Problems?

Is it just my computer, or is there a problem with the chatroom? I have logged on several times lately; my name shows up on ths "online list", but I also see others that have joined in. When I type anything, the text doesn't show up, nor do I see others chatting. HHHhhhhhhmmmmm . . any others with the same problem?



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the only problem I have with the chatroom is that it insists on refreshing the screen every 10 seocnds - and grabs control when it does so.

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I think it's always been very buggy. I pretty much don't even bother going there since it's such a crap shoot.

We should get our own room on ICUII and schedule chat times. How fun would *that* be?

~Mike in Tampa
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I like the idea of an alternative place to chat . .


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I agree with Mike (stickywarp) the chat has always been alittle buggy, sometimes the chat site will cycle over and over.
Good idea to have a separate site with times available for a chat or two.
Steve (klamathsteve)


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My only problem is not with the chat room itself but that I never have much time to spend there. I try to stop in and at least say hi, but I feel bad that I can never stay longer than a few minutes.