Just an update....

First, thanks to everyone for their great suggestions for my next project and knitting bags. My next project is on hold for now because I just started my knitting class (3 Wed night sessions). So, I want to just keep practicing what my instructor wants to teach. He has shown me continental style. I really like it and want to get good at it but I am having some problems. First, my tension is a lot harder to control then with throwing (English?) style. I put the yarn between my pinky and ring finger and then wrap it twice around my index finger. I can control the yarn well that way but I can not seem to get new yarn to come up, so it is always very tight. My next problem is that I can't purl at all this way yet. I just can't seem to get the knack of getting the needle back out with the thread still on it. :) I think once I fix my tension problems that will go away though.

I also learned how to do the long tail cast on. I really like that. I like the look of it; the edge.

Just for fun I got a super huge pair of plastic needles, like #17 I think. I took two different yarns, a black soft one and colorful one, and am knitting them together at the same time. It looks really nice. Kind of like a nifty-knitter if you know those. Big holes. I love it because I can make so much progress on those big needles with thick thread. :)

I still have not found a bag yet that I like. I am going take a bunch of the suggestions I got and go out on a shopping trip this weekend.

Anyway, don't want this post to get too long, so that is it for now.


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I don't understand why you have to knit continental if you are comfortable with english? I use english when I'm knitting with two colors. I hold one color in my left and the other in my right. The left color gets knit continental and the right color gets knit english. I knit continental otherwise, but that is what I learned with and find most comforrtable for me.