Scary huh....

I am not sure what happened with those images, I thought they would be attached to a blog entry. But, they are scary huh? I got them from here:


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I think there's a cottage industry for those, especially if knit in team colors. All those crazed sports fanatics would no longer have to paint their faces. Just slip on one of these and you can automatically look like the A-hole you are.

Reminds me of an artist who was in town here (Portland, Oregon) just a month ago who had a "Knit Superheroes" gallery showing. He knit superhero outfits. Here's a gallery in Seattle that's showing some of his stuff:

The artist's name is Mark Newport, I believe. I know you won't be disappointed in the pictures on that site.

Those look like Lucha Libre masks.

See here (scroll down to second picture).

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I have the patterns.

If anyone is interested, after a bit of web searching, I managed to track down the patterns for these. If you're interested in creating something hideous, for a friend or enemy let me know, I'll be happy to pass them on.

PDF format.

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That is too kool for skool!!!!

Those things give me the heebie jeebies. They look like something from the PG version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.