The Eternal Hooded Sweater

Ok I know I am exagerating in reality I've worked on it since the beginning of december and haven't touched it since christmas. I need to do the sleeves. This is my first sweater and I altered the pattern from the Stitch and Bitch hoodie but wish the arms were more shaped. My man is a rather big fellow so its 50 inches aroundand 28 inches high. The hood has a cute pick up split a few inches before the shoulder seams that I like. For future refence while I love malabrigo Merino I'm upset that the patterning changed when I stepped out of the round to split for the arm holes.

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it's looking great. i agree with lars, that's one of the beauties of making somethng by hand, it's never "perfect" in an exact way, but it's perfect in the way that it evolves naturally and not forced.

how many skeins are you up to so far? i LOVE malabrigo too, btw.

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I'm on my sixth and starting the arms.