Strick Stube

Given the current posting and discussion about bobbins and yarn butterflies, I thought I'd post a photo of an interesting piece of knitting paraphanalia. This little house is made of wood with painted details. It measures 8" x 6.5" x 7.5" tall. The roof opens (see second photo)for yarn to be placed inside. Each ball is then threaded through the (4) holes in the roof; the holes have a slit in them so that the ball can be removed even if it is still attached to the knitting. I am certain that this is for fair isle and argyle knitting. I think that Lars told me last year that the German is "Knitting Cottage". I've never used it but enjoy owning it.

BTW: Has anyone ever seen a "Great Scot Argyler" or have a picture of one?

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The inventor, a woman named McDonald, in 1983 took a shoebox, cut some holes in the top of it, not unlike your device pictured, and, it having workded so well as a yarn divider, decided to patent it as the Great Scot Argyler. She got the patent and that is pretty much the end of the story.

I've researched this and can only find 3 citations, including one from the Smithsonian's Invention section.

Many years ago, we spindlers confronted a similar problem with keeping singles seperated while plying and used a shoe box with grooves cut in the edges of the top of the box to cradle two or more spindles as the singles are plyed. It's the same principle.

I'm guessing that people who read the story behind the Great Scot Argyler, decided it might be silly to spend money on the manufactured version and opted for the original shoebox.

But I love the gizmo you posted. Very fun. Lars is right that Stube, in the central districts, can be a cottage - but in most Southern and mountain dialects, it has a more diminutive meaning: Parlor. In Switzerland, it's even more endearing. It's presented as "Stubli": which gives the impression of a small, cozy & warm, quiet & comforting, inviting room - in short, a place one goes to slam down quarts of suds and yodel along with the house band about how "my heart beats only in the mountains!"

~Mike in Tampa (where it's FREEZING. Dipped into the 40's last night . . . . Brrrrrrrrrrrr )
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Genau! Meine Gedanken, genau. Bier und Yodeln mit Alphorn und hausorgel: Wie Schlechtes kann das sein? Ich würde Ihnen erlauben, die Rechnung einzulösen! (ROFLMAO!) Welcher Platz und wenn?

Der Geezer in Tampadorf (%^D)
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Good thing I didn't go Bernese:

Uf Gimmelwald, da heimer's so:
Syn eppa truurig, oder froh,
Wie z'Läben es chan bringen.
U z'wärchen hei mer wäger all,
I Fäld u' Wald, in Hus u Stall,
O d'Muetter (z'Mueti) mid de Chinden.

Uf Schiltalp, wohl da hei mer z'danken.
Si gid is Nydla, Chäs und Anken.
Das tued is doch so gued.
Stäh fescht in ysem Burestand,
U triw zum schenen Vaterland,
Hein geng en froha Muet.

J n ysem Husli ob der Flueh,
Da hei mer doch o z'ässe gnueg.
Mier sy ja gar bescheiden.
Wil epa eina von es gahn,
Mier andren blybe wacker stahn,
Äs chan es nid erleiden.

Hei mier eis yses Teili g'schafft,
U ganz verbrucht all ysi Chraft,
De wei mer riewig warten.
Mu treid es den dir z'Bärgli ab,
Dert zunem frischen, chielen Grab,
Bim Stoubbach in dän Garten. =^D

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Guys I live in Saint Cloud I get enough bad Bavarian here to last a lifetime.