Has Anybody Here Ever Knit an Item Like THIS?

Just curious here...this will definitely draw attention to you....!!!


Even the guys that slide up the boardwalk in Atlantic City wouldn't be caught dead in that. Jeezy Louezy, where did you dig this up? Quick! Go back and bury it again.

Damn. And I was just getting ready to go to lunch too.
~Mike in Tampa (who thinks it looks like a living Coconut cake . . . and not in a good way . . . HA!)
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Wow ans I thought my sweater had issues

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Another candidate for What Not To knit!

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I've seen a guy in a sweater similar to that: When I lived in Louisville, the house where I lived was near Central Park, where hustler's frequented. The previous owner of the house had been picked up for soliciting (one of the reasons he sold...the boy was a minor)...ANYHOO... One day I am working in the front garden, putting down compost and mulch, and this incredibly pretty young african american guy in jeans and a fluffy white sweater comes up and says (I'm not kidding) "I'll help you spread whatever you have for $10."

I told him that he'd ruin his sweater, and thank you, but no...I'm fine.
Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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That is hilarious -- I hope you are keeping your fingers out of the cookie jar!

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Honest to Jebus, I know a LOT of screaming queens, but I don't know a single one who would wear that. Too gay for words. I do like, however, how the model is trying to look all butch and badass in the picture. As if there's enough testosterone in the world to counteract the Persian cat he's wearing.

HAHA!! Jeremy, you crack me up! I thought the same thing about his extra effort to look all butch in that thing too when I first saw it.

Unfortunately, I know way too many screaming queens that would beg for a sweater like that. And they'd probably wear sunglasses on purpose too. Now that I think about it, in comparision he definitely would pull off the butch look in it next to them. God forbid they wear something like that down here tho. They'd be sweating their duct tape off.

Although I would never, ever wear something like this, I admit that I would like to touch it. It might be fun to knit, too, but what a waste of time and money.

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I'd wear it

Well, only in Black Rock City, but still...

Edit: I just stumbled onto the website that sells that sweater and it's pretty tame compared to some of the other other men's attire.

Hmm... wasn't that guy in Monster's Inc.?

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I think this Ebay seller has made the matching pants at some point.


Dear God! They're charging $695 for this.
And did you see this quote from the website?

This is sure to be your favorite just throw on and stand out in a crowd sweater.

No kidding!

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I know that this is an old entry, but the pic just popped up on the homepage and I was taken aback. Well really taken back to perhaps the first sweater I ever knitted. I was in the 6th grade at the time. Burnt orange mohair. A simple cardigan with leather buttons. But after it was done, not being able to leave good enough alone, I brushed it to make it extra fluffy. Wow, what was I thinking? Bless my parents, they allowed me to wear it, in public! I wore it to church. I wore it to school. I loved that sweater!!

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i can relate to the burnt orange mohair. i did an over large sweater for my brother's gf over 20 yrs ago and it was too much for her to wear in public. i think huggie bear would have worn it. was that streets of san francisco or kojak? or some other 70s show with pimps and cops

we put birds on things

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Huggie Bear was the informant in Starsky and Hutch. I loved watching that show. Not for the car, but for Paul Michael Glaser...

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