What Was I Thinking??

About a year ago, during a monthly meeting of the Outer Banks Fiber Guild, we were planning the workshops for the next 12 months. I was wanting to learn how to spin using a drop spindle, so made the suggestion of the workshop and offered to make a drop spindle for each of the participants as my contribution to the workshop.

The workshop is this Saturday. We have an excellent instructor lined up, and as promised, each person will get their very own drop spindle to use and take home. The pic shows 10 of the 20 being made. In retrospect, it turned out to be a bigger project than I at first thought. One of the bigger decisions was to make eithera top whorl or low whorl spindle. I finally chose to make the low whorl. I'll let you know how the workshop turns out. Either we will have some nicely spun yarn . . . or a nice bonfire and weener roast!


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You're a PRINCE for doing that. I think the low whorl are the easiest to learn on...good call.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Thanks for the encouragement . . will let you know how it turns out.


Doug: You be DA MAN ! ! !

See, when I teach this class, I make everyone CD spindles. You are VERY "Rodeo Drive" with the wooden weapons. I *do* make them wooden support spindles for the 2nd part of the class which introduces cotton to them. But, to start with: CDs. They're gonna make rope anyway (well, at least most of 'em) so the bigger the weapon the better.

But, I gotta hand it to ya. If you can perfect your spindle making you can retire early. It's a small market out there with lots of buyers ITCHING to spend big bucks on new stuff. I have no problem of spending 50 - 100 clams for a good spindle, so: you GO, guy!

~Mike in Tampa (who just might *have* to take a closer look at Dougie's new hobby . . . Oh, God: is there just no end to this?)

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Gosh, Mike . . what great comments! Thanks . . it's encouraging to think that I'm doing this thing right. I'm sure I will spin "rope", while a few of the real pros in the guild will spin something very nice. It will be more special to me if they do it on one that I made. Again . thanks for the support.


Can't wait to see you Saturday and get my very own hand made spindle!!! You're the best.